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SOFATALK (IT), vineri 8 septembrie 2017, de la 23:00, la Control Club.

The one man project based in Italy „SofaTalk” has quickly become one of the most respected and sought-after musicians in contemporary electronic music.
His music is influenced by Herbie Hancock’s Fender rhodes, post-disco of Arthur Russell and Brazilian Jazz/Funk of Azymuth. like an alchemist he combines Disco, Funk, Jazz, House, Broken beat, Future beatz, Downtempo, Instrumental Hip Hop, Experimental electronic.
He has made solo records, remixes and collaborations with Stevie Kotey, Chris Massey, The Central Executives, Ad Bourke, Reekee, Cosmic Twirl, Masanori Nozawa, Tomi Chair, Posthuman, Josh Tweek, Kris Tidjan, K15, Z-Lovecraft, Yuri Shulgin, Tom McConnell; and for labels such as Disco Soul Records, Ambassador’s Reception, Roots Underground Records, INI Movement, Nang Records, Medium Records, Tusk Wax, Escapade Recordings, Paper Recordings, Banoffee Pies, Anma Records, YAM Records, Cognitiva Records… just to name a few.



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