Evenimente : Festivaluri

Green Hours JAZZ Fest – X

”JAZZ isn’t dead. It just smells funny.”… Frank Zappa once said.
This music was born in clubs. And our club gave birth to an international festival: the first and still the only one of its kind in Romania…for 10 years!
The Trumpet Man welcomes you today to listen to the sounds of tomorrow’s music!
In our Avant Garden!

GHJFest art: Victor Bartiș

May 31st / 6.30PM

Sons Of Kemet (UK) – ”Your Queen is a Reptile”

Shabaka Hutchings – saxophone / Theon Cross – tuba
Tom Skinner – drums / Eddie Hick – drums / Sebastien Renaud – FOH engineer

”Now more than ever, the easiest answer to that pesky question — what’s keeping jazz vital these days? — appears to lie in London. And much of the serious activity there runs through Shabaka Hutchings. …As Mr. Hutchings spreads his wings, he is presenting an opportunity for listeners to fall in love with a sound that’s got the timeless assets of jazz — rebellion, collectivity, emotive abstraction — but doesn’t feel weighed down by its own past.” (Giovanni Russonello – The New York Times)
LABtrio (BE) – ”Nature City”

Lander Gyselinck – drums / Anneleen Boehme – bass / Bram de Looze – piano

”LABtrio is a strong unit on the firm and vivid Belgian scene… an astonishing and happy case of musical affinity and kinship. …these three musicians have kept their primal playfulness. What sometimes seems a kind of hide and seek game is actually steered by strong compositional stepping-stones that allow to move along surprising and sophisticated passages, expansions, contractions and condensations…”
(Henning Bolte – All About Jazz)

June 1st / 6.30PM

TRIO AÏRÉS (FR) – ”Aïrés”

Airelle Besson – trumpet / Édouard Ferlet – piano / Stéphane Kerecki – double bass

„Aïrés is one of those recordings that, from whatever part you want to take, speaks to you on the spot … but leaves you speechless in the same time. The most likely explanation is the state of grace that this music contains. … In a delicate balance between classic and jazz, the three class musicians half-open gates and build improbable bridges.” (Yves Dorison – Culture Jazz)
Uriel Herman Trio (IL) – ”Hour of the Wolf”

Uriel Herman – piano / Avri Borochov – double bass, oud / Haim Peskoff – drums

“Uriel Herman plays exactly the kind of brilliant music, where you sit transfix. If you know the bassist Avishai Cohen and trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, try to imagine that the miracle had transformed, then you can have a taste of Uriel’s music.” (Full Moon Magazine)
June 2nd / 6PM
3 x Solo Piano!

June 2nd, 6.00 PM

Nik Bärtsch (CH) – solo piano

”Few musicians have continued to hone a concept as singularly unique and instantly recognizable, irrespective of context, as that being explored by Swiss pianist Nik Bärtsch.” (John Kelman – All About Jazz)
Mircea Tiberian (RO) – solo piano

”Educated in the classical tradition, the pianist followed the energetic and intellectual line of instrumental expressivity established by McCoy Tyner and Thelonious Monk in developing his specific instrumental voice. His sound combines the clarity of tone with suggestive elusiveness that results in a perfectly balanced inner dynamism.” (Adriana Cârcu – All About Jazz)
LESZEK MOŻDŻER (PL) – solo piano

“I consider him to be the greatest talent among Polish jazz pianists of recent years. …Personally, I think Leszek is the best Polish pianist.” (Zbigniew Preisner)

June 3rd, 6.30 PM

Jasper Høiby FELLOW CREATURES – ”Fellow Creatures”

Jasper Høiby – double bass / Laura Jurd – trumpet / Mark Lockheart – saxophones Will Barry – piano / Jon Scott – drums

”…rhythm-twisting struts are played with the breeziness of a care free street band.” (John Fordham – Guardian)
Tin Men and the Telephone (NL/UK/BG) – “Furie”

Tony Roe – piano, keys, electronics / Pat Cleaver – double bass / Bobby Petrov – drums

“A 21st-century gig in which multimedia gadgetry and a sense of mischief combine to create something fresh and unexpected.” (The Times)

Tickets: https://www.bilet.ro/index.php?cat=159

PASS: 260 lei
Daily tickets: 85 lei on presale, until May 24th / 100 lei starting with May 25th

As usual, the seats will be taken in order of the arrival. Just a few places, for the limited season tickets, for sponsors and partners, will be booked in advance. Thanks for your understanding!

The announced hour of each concert is 6.30PM, except for Satturday (June 2nd), when the concerts (being 3 instead of 2 per evening) will start at 6PM.