De Citit : Editoriale

“the people want the regime removed”

| 11 februarie

Mesajul din care, cu permisiunea scrisa a redactiei, preiau mai jos cateva paragrafe a fost transmis echipei pe 27 ianuarie, avand ca subiect situatia acuta din Egipt ( Cu ingaduinta voastra pastrez versiunea originala a textului, convinsa ca o traducere neingrijita ar deteriora spontaneitatea si intensitatea randurilor:

“Cairo is moving… the feeling of power, pride and hope is priceless and more powerful than their bullets and gas bombs… I’m in the street everyday, tracing everything… being a part of this great movement to change our destiny… you would’ve had the same feeling if you were here… Unity was created around one goal between different groups of people with different view, from the most naive to the deepest ones… People were experimenting the critical mass for a revolution… we were around 40,000 protestor in the street, we felt it all, we felt that the critical mass is broken and we are so close for a revolution… people are a great force… I keep on tracing how people believe in what they’re doing… it’s very obvious in their faces and moves… it’s very weird… and the other side (the police) they are egyptians as well… and you can see the kindness in each soldier’s face, even when they were beating us… you can see clearly that they’re just afraid and they’re obeying orders… I talked to a lot of soldiers and we were joking and laughing… they are still people… (…) The system is shaking… everyone can perceive that… their reactions to each movement shows that very well (…) wish us everything good, and tell me your news…’