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Galeria Allegra Nomad

Mission: To launch internationally a bunch of artists. Young, mid-career, dead. To impose them and turn their labour into gold. Not to mention the fame & glory + the cultural & aesthetic fun.
The mission is dificult but not impossible because: [ we quote here from The free art collective manifesto for a counter-hegemonic art: (It is high time that philistines should openly, in the face of ther cultural hegemony, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the spectre of philistinism with a manifesto of its opposition to cultural hegemony – maniefsto for a counter-hegemonic art)]
We will use guerrilla tactics. Dissemination, lie, cultural fraud, persuassion like in any other corporatist business. We will succeed .
The Gallery
Allegra Nomad Gallery does not belong to a venue or a city. It produces exibitions in various spaces , unifinished buildings, wharehouses, unrented precincts, movies sets … Why? To avoid high rents & costs, and direct the budget towards promoting the artists. Our aesthetic credo is randomism ( see randomist, intervetionist & e-manoeuvers manifesto).