Evenimente : Concerte


Vineri, 20 iunie, ora 20.00
Institutul Polonez, Goethe-Institut și
Green Hours prezintă:
Klaus Kugel-drums
Wacław Zimpel-clarinets
Christian Ramonds-double bass
Krzysztof Dys-piano

The existance of The Wacław Zimpel Quartet is more of a matter of fate then luck. The four musicians share common musical passions and they have all played in various types of musical configurations.
Drummer Klaus Kugel’s use of space borders on the liturgic.
Christian Raymond on Double Bass follows Kugel’s rhythm, which is both abstract and intuitive.
Krzysztof Dys’s inspiration is mainly Prokofiew and Skriabin.
Wacław Zimpel’s Clarinet does not shy away from its Slavic roots.
The whole thing is set in a context that is as equally free jazz, as it is European.

WACLAW ZIMPEL QUARTET is not just a meeting of four musical personalities. These people share roots and the willingness to experiment. All four of the players put their souls into music. The band’s first album Stone Fog, was released by ForTune® in the spring of 2013.